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In a civilized society the practice of religion has both the

individual and the social dimensions. It transcends the life of the

individual. Gadaba religion is simple and unsophisticated. Tfidr

concept of God in neither ethereal nor universal It is pthriif tV6

and tangible.

They propitiate Mother Desi to ward off evil and Goddess

Konda Jakara to protect them with her prowess,

I.    Konda Jakara Devata

They celebrate the Konda Jakara Devata festival on the

Itika Pournami day in the month of Chaitra every year, tie

celebrations last for more than three days. In olden (lays, they

were held for a month, Their earnings being low at present, they

cannot save money to afford a prolonged holiday.

On the festival day Jakara Devata is propitiated before a

stone slab fixed in the ground under an old tree at the outskirts

of the village Every year the festival takes place before the same


A village elder fasts that day.   Be            the &t¬ »e

fresh water*   He s-prinkles turmeric p0wckr en lift           tod

the verailioa mark.   If he Is well to do be-

sheep or pig as sacrifice,   Otherwise, a co& is

An oil lamp is lit before tbe stone Threigbcmt fbe day         oat

takes care to keep the lamp burning.   SOITO people who vowed

before hand fulfil the vow by sacrificing a cock or a goat.

Men and women form into a big ditle and clance and stag

0a that day   to the beating of drums aid other primitive

ustr uments,   Every family eujtfyt